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Flaggfabriken National

Corporate & Advertising Flags

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New Swedish Flag?

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GKSS - Member Shop

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Flags and Pennants - Flaggfabriken National

We at Flaggfabriken National still have their own production of flags in our sewing factory and we have had that since 1905. Our goal is to always deliver the highest quality at the best possible price. However, we always put quality in the first place. Our own manufacturing gives us flexibility and allows us to receive express orders and also make specially manufactured products such as hand-sewn banners and stands. In our sublimation printer we can print everything from simple one-color logos to complicated print with eg. photographic motifs. We do everything from single flags to series of several hundred flags.

We also have a wide range of maritime furnishings that we sell in our sister shop Flaggskeppet 


Code Flags

Works at home as on the boat.

Boat Pennants.

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Nations och Företags flaggor

Nations och Company flags

We stock a wide range of national flags in several different sizes, should we not have it in stock, we can quickly sew them up in our studio. We also manufacture corporate flags and advertising flags and these are available in small and large series. We also make special products such as overhead flags and backdrops. Please use the Flag Request in the menu or send an e-mail.

Fanor, Standar och Signalställ

Ceremony Flags & Code Flags

Since we are one of the few who still have their own production, we can make reproductions of your old existing Fanor and Standar. We also make table flags, boat pennants, and windshields. A great product for us is our hand-sewn Signal Stands made of our 180 gram woven polyester, which gives an unmatched cotton feel. It can also be very fun to design their own Houseflag.

Beachflaggor och Vepor

Beachflags & Banners

Are strong carriers of your message. We can provide you with sweaters, banners and beach flags, for outdoor or indoor profiling. These are perfect to carry on eg. fairs, conferences and kickoffs as they are easy to bring and take up little space. We can also offer short delivery times as we have the digital printing equipment in our premises.